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About us

We are an international company aim to support the overseas company to start the business in Japan. From introducing the product into Japan market, supporting the marketing, promotion and partnership building with Japanese retailer to final wholesale, our service has no limit. 

Main products from our customers are like gadget, outdoor convenient goods, HoReCa, etc., We are usually using both domestic and global resource to support our projects, such as the Japanese web designer, Chinese factory, international logistic, etc.,

We work strongly with domestic consultant company in order to successfully launch the initial promotion activities. One of our partners is Yubiken


Kai's trading is contributing to providing excellent value(product, service, etc.,) from all over the world to our customers, to make everyone's life more convenient, smarter, colorful.

We believe and commit: 

Best value, to best you!


Kai Xu is the CEO(representative) of  Kai's trading. He started the company since 2020 with his partners and now tend to expand  the business.

He was born in China, came to Japan as an international student to study global engineering in Kogakuin University for 4 years. At third year in university, he came to Harvey Mudd College in LA as a exchange student to participate a international engineering project for 6 month. 

Before starting this company, he was an development engineering working on engine parts development, electrical water pump development in a international company for 5 years.

Kai Xu always wanted to start a global business which can bring excellent products from overseas to those even don't know about it. 


Now the journey has begun. 

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